What time do you arrive?

For a normal DJ set-up, we arrive approximately 1 hour before the scheduled start time.

Our average set-up process takes only 20 minutes but the rest of the time is devoted to equipment checks, last-minute coordination with the banquet department and other vendors, time for reaction to any complexities, and overall peace of mind.

For complex and double set-ups (i.e. ceremony and reception) we typically arrive 90 minutes prior to start time. Our early arrival is not charged to the clients. We charge when the music or announcements begin.

There is no charge for traveling within the 4 boroughs of NY (Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx & Staten Island). For travel charge outside of the 4 boroughs, please contact us for a realistic fee appraisal.

Music Media

What media do you play?

Digital, CDs & MP3


Can we give you some of our personal music selections? On what format? What is the process?

Yes, clients are able to provide their own supplemental CD and CDR when we receive the music on or before the event date. We ask that clients log and label the songs they would like played. Popular methods are corresponding lists or “Post-Its.” Upon receiving the CDs we count them and verify the amount with you and at the end of the event the CDs will be returned to the individual you designate.



Do you have insurance? A number of the facilities are requiring vendors to have liability Insurance.

We carry liability insurance suitable to all banquet facilities. If your event requires insurance, let us know and we will be happy to provide a copy.

What does the DJ usually wear? Can we request certain attire?

Typically, with formal events, we wear a suit and tie, sometimes a tuxedo. For more casual events, we wear slacks and a button-up shirt. We can dress up or down for your event. Just give us a call and we will dress appropriately for your occasion

Food for the DJ(S)

Is it the Clients' responsibility to feed the DJ(s)?

Typically at these events there will be ample food and a small meal is provided for the DJ while he is playing background music. However, it is not expected, therefore, please let us know if you would like us to arrange for our own food to be brought and we will happily do so. In either scenario, we will keep close attention to the music being played, even while we take a “break” to have a quick meal.


Is it customary to tip the DJ? How much?
Gratuity is not included in the entertainment fee, and it is completely up to the clients. We usually invite you to tip if you feel the entertainment was provided at a level worthy of gratuity. When we do receive a tip, the trend has been between 5% and 10% of the entertainment fee.

Payment Process

How and when do we pay the deposit and balance payments?

Please contact us for the payment fee. Payment can be made in cash, check, or money order payable to Christian DJ Enterprises. The deposit is due upon signing and the balance is due one (1) week before the event date.


Do you have any references?

We will be happy to provide references upon request.

Affiliations / Non-Profit Involvement:

Are you affiliated with any organizations or charities?

We are a proud member of WeDJ and Higher Ground Int’l Record Pool. If you are involved in a charity/not-for-profit organization, feel free to contact us about a possible entertainment involvement.