We are glad you have chosen to visit our site, though the site does say all there is to say about us, we are confident you will like what you see and what we have to offer.

We have a combined experience of 30 years and what sets us apart is that we are in the business because we love music. We believe music can bring people together and without music this world would not have been the same.

We believe music will help set the right atmosphere, enhancing and transforming your big day, party or special event.

We believe you can have a great time, and lots of fun without music laced with profanity and obscene lyrics (cursing and degrading women).

We believe we are the right DJ for you if you are looking for decent professionals that will deliver on their words!

Playlist must be provided at least 2 weeks before date of your event, we will make our playlist available upon request. Thank you and we are looking forward to hearing from you!


Mission Statement

“In God we trust”

Statement of Purpose

To serve our clients with respect, sensitivity & professionalism



Lift you up!


It’s heavenly!

It motivates!

Challenges you!

Strengthens you!

Is sweet to the soul!

Sets the right mood!

Good like Medicine!

Makes you Laugh!

Brightens you smile!

Positive music is therapy.

It is a friend that is always there!

Makes a couples 1st Dance Spectacular!

It’s the common language all mankind comprehend.

Lets teenagers display their creativity through dancing!

It will make dreamers and achievers out of little children.

It let old men and women reminisce about the good times!

It brings families, friends, neighbors, communities, cities, nations, and the world together!

Positive music can dispel even the darkest sky and make you feel that everything is possible.

It imparts a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, ascension to the imagination, and life to everything.

Speaks what cannot be expressed, soothes the inner person and imparts rest, heals the heart and, and makes it whole flows from heaven to the soul.

Is a magnificent healer, an incredible diffuser of things like racism, it penetrates though boundaries, and it’s a very positive force on God’s the earth.